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Make the most of an internship with Sports In The USA, Inc.

Sports In The USA, Inc., which was founded in 1956, is offering internships for the 2010-2011 academic year. The firm provides sports services at the professional, collegiate, scholastic, adult, amateur and youth levels in advertising, broadcast production, communication, education, event creation, franchise management, game-day operations, marketing, media & public relations services as well as to the print media industry.
College students are well aware of the job market that awaits them upon graduation. With the recessionary economy not under control and unemployment rates still high, graduate school and college students across the county know that their dream jobs are no guarantee. There are steps to take that will make an individual more attractive to prospective employers, the primary of which is to develop a resume of educational and work experience qualities through internships that are designed to provide entries into fields of interest.
As valuable as a good internship can be, it may also prove a lost opportunity for students who do not recgnize the opportunity. To make the most of an internship, grad and undergraduate students should consider the following factors that are available from Sports In The USA, Inc. for individuals who desire to turn a passion for sports into a satisfying career in the Sports Industry:
A. Find an internship that is the right fit: Some students accept an internship simply because it looks good on a resume. It is correct that an internship stands out to hiring personnel, but students must find the right fit to make the experience truly valuable. Students with a passion for sports, should not simply settle on one because it is offered. Rather, they should select an unique internship program with Sports In The USA, Inc. that prepares them for entry into the Sport Industry.
B. Treat the internship like a lucrative full-time position: Most interns in the Sport Industry, including those gaing valuable work experience at the grass roots level with Sports In The USA, Inc., do not get paid. Despite working long hours and wearing many hats for their employers. As difficult as it seem at times, interns should treat their internships as if they are getting pait lots of money, That means showing up on time, working hard, staying late if necessary and, most important, not complaining. Negative attitudes have no place in the Sport Industry, from the playing to the front office as only positive people become winners. Interns with Sports In The USA, Inc. must remember that an internship is not a right but a privilege that can establish a foundation for a successful career.
C. Don't be pigeon-holed: Some internships are better than others and the best ones rotate interns throughout several divisions of the business. With Sports In The USA, this allows interns to learn more than one aspect of the Sport Industry, possibly helping one recognize an area they like most as well as ones they wold like to avoid when it comes time to job hunt.
D. Remember it's only temporary: Some interns love their internships and don't mind working free for long hours. As hard as it is to get out of bed and go to work (a national survey found over 85% of the nation's work go to a job they hate), remember an internship is only temporary. To satisfy your passion for sports, an intern must remain focused and take advantage of the academic and work experience options available with Sports In The USA that generate valuable additions to the intern's resume
The first step in the process is to submit a resume with a 300-word report setting forth what you want to be doing in the Sport Industry in five and 10 years.
Sports In The USA, Inc., established in March, 1988, offers internships for the Spring, Summer and Fall terms.
For those candidates selected, the second segment is a direct interview to establish a unique "game-plan" for each internship. Contracts will be presented, reviewed and signed by the prospective intern and counter-signed by a representative of Sports In The USA, Inc. This eliminates the possibility of wrong assumptions as to the requirements of both parties from the outset of the internship.
Third is the creation of unique internship plans that will be submitted to each candidate's faculty advisers so that unique internship program is accepted and course credits may be obtained. Since Sports In The USA, Inc. maintains 20 exclusive sports networks, media outlets in all 50 states plus departments in broadcasting & communications, event planning & administration, franchise management, marketing & sponsorships as well as media & public relations, the rookie interns will be assigned initially to projects that correlate with expressed preferences.

CSB Intern

Bret Leuthner

CSB Intern

Andreia Dias

CSB Intern

Tim Sweeney

CSB Intern

John Olson

CSB Intern

Rich Taylor

CSB Intern

Melissa Radowitz

CSB's Radowitz is nation's 1st PA Announcer at an American pro soccer game

Melissa Radowitz, an intern for Sports In The Garden State, Inc., a division of Sports In The USA, Inc. from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting became the first-ever female to serve as a Public Address announcer in an American professional soccer match. Radowitz handled the microphone chores in the press box at the New Jersey Institute of Technlogy Stadium in Newark, NJ for the United Soccer League - Premier Development League clash between the Newark Ironbound Express and the Ocean City Barons on June 25, 2008.

Internships Available




You can't start an advertising career in the sports industry without experience and can't get experience without working in sports advertising! So what's the solution? Learn from some of the nation's most experienced sports marketing sales experts who have succeeded in the promotion of professional, collegiate as well as scholastic events and programs. Sports is the 23rd largest industry in the world so why not learn and begin earning from talented experts. A Advertising/Marketing major provides students with an understanding of the marketing process and its role in business environments. Courses are designed to develop studentsí abilities to analyze, plan, implement, and control the creation of demand among targeted buyers. Start your rise to the financial summit by selling advertising and sponsorships for internet, print and video media organizations for Sports In The USA, Inc. and its many national subsidiaries.




Sports Journalism can be a hectic work environment. There is great pressure to meet deadlines, little preparation time, and lots of stories to cover. But if you love writing and being in an exciting, fast-paced environment, you may want to become a sports journalist. Sports journalists gather information, prepare stories, and inform readersabout local, state, national, and international events. You will want to pursue hands-on experience in addition to your training. Employers in this field also look for journalists with some previous experience. This might include working for a campus newspaper or doing an internship with news organizations such as newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news organizations, such as Sports In The USA, Inc. and its many national subsidiaries.




The power of sports photo journalism can scarcely be measured in an age when images are flashed throughout the globe in seconds via the Internet and television. A well-composed sports photo can often convey a lot more information than even the most skillfully written article. For individuals intending to make a career out of photojournalism, it is not enough to have a vibrant imagination and a creative eye. It is imperative that they possess a sound technical background in photography plus sufficient training in journalistic ethics. A sports photo journalist is considered a reporter of sorts. One must adhere to the same standards of professionalism, privacy, and objectivity that one might expect of a broadcaster. It doesn't hurt to have business training either since many sports photo journalists work entirely freelance, making an internship with Sports In The USA, Inc. and its many national subsidiaries.




To become a broadcast technician you will find yourself responsible for all the equipment involved in regulating the clarity, strength, color, sound and range of radio and television broadcasts, including the set up, operation and maintainence of the broadcasting equipment. Broadcast technicians are often required to work evening hours and for more than forty hours a week. In addition they sometimes have to work to tight deadlines and must be able to cope with the extra pressure this puts on them. A typical videographer program includes subjects such as electronic media management, video production along with design and electronic equipment operation and repair. Lots of schools offer students practical experience in their own television studio, or arrange an internship at a local television, radio station or Sports In The USA, Inc. and its many national subsidiaries.




To become a sports broadcaster, you will need a good speaking voice and the ability to commentate quickly and easily on changing events. This is not as easy as it sounds! You will need to keep a running commentary going even when nothing appears to be happening in order to keep listeners interested in your broadcast. To become a sports broadcaster, you would benefit in having a strong interest in a range of different sports and be familiar with rules, gameplay, terminology, and the names of the players and/or horses, dogs, or whatever you may be covering. A good memory for information would be a great asset since you will need to be able to give a quick resume of a sportspersons' career history, teams they have played with in the past and any other relevant information. All of this needs to be drawn upon at a moment's notice if you are to successfully become a sports broadcaster.




Since sports web site design is as much a technical field as it is an artistic one, receiving the correct training is of the utmost importance. A typical web design program would teach you how to use the following software: HTML (the basic computer language for creating web pages); PhotoShop, Illustrator and ImageReady (which are used to create images and animated graphics); web design programs such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver; Flash and Shockwave which are used to create animated sequences.It is also possible to complete some of this education through certificate training as well as developing expertise through an internship with diversified firms such as Sports In The USA, Inc. and its many national subsidiaries.

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Mail to: HR Dept., P.O. Box 477, Roseland, NJ 07068

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